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banner-hyperhidrosisHyperhidrosis is a medical condition which can greatly affect ones self esteem. Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating. Most people experience excessive sweating of the underarms which can creates public embarrassment and insecurities. Hyperhidrosis is an inherited problem that has been seen in almost every ethnic group. People can get used to living with hyperhidrosis but they continue to suffer throughout their lives from it. At Advanced Aesthetic Medicine we offer Botox Cosmetic for the treatment of hyperhidrosis.
Botox For Hyperhidrosis
The purpose of sweating is to keep a constant body temperature through evaporative cooling. Hyperhidrosis is when the amount of sweat greatly exceeds the quantity required for thermoregulation. Excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, is caused by stimulation of the sweat glands by nerve endings or signals from the brain. These nerves respond to emotional stresses, physical stresses, and increased body temperature that comes with exercise or hot humid weather. Botox can prevent sweating for six to ten months by blocking the release of the neurotransmitter, i.e., acetylcholine, from the nerve endings, that causes the glands to produce sweat.
Hyperhidrosis Procedure
Fifteen to twenty drops of Botox are injected via a very small needle into the hair-bearing skin of each underarm. Normal activity can be immediately resumed, while heavy exercise should be avoided for several hours. Underarm sweating will be decreased anywhere between 48 hours to 3 weeks post treatment. Most patients will obtain the benefit of dryness with one treatment of Botox for six to ten months.
Botox is also used for cosmetic purposes such as reducing forehead wrinkles, frown lines and crows feet.